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Hmm . . . Quality. Work Life. Who Needs That?
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for Tennis Enthusiasts of All Levels
If you love tennis as much as some of us here do,
you might as well just do it . . . wisely!

Comprehensive resource center, book & music store, and global directories for individuals and organizations interested in the Massage Therapy profession. And by popular demand: the official T-shirt of MT professionals.

Co-operative promotional, mentoring and advocacy professional network, to promote the status, reputation and economic opportunities of massage therapists.

with Bruria Ginton & Helene Weinberg
Blowing some F.A.C.T.S. and on-going support group demonstrate that
Smoking is NOT a woman's thing.

Global referral directories and online terminus for cross-disciplinary exchange of information, ideas, and good will.

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If not we, who will be connecting? If not with you, who are we gonna share it with?

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Quality. Work Life. Who Needs That?
As devoted internauts, or Net-Nuts, we know that we just can't stop "working at it," discovering, creating and sharing new stuff. Right? We're all so busy... Psychologically, work has always been one of the most significant of human experiences. But when for many people sex and relationships are troublesome--since they are often hazardous to our health--work plays an even greater role in keeping us "out of trouble." Regardless of how much we earn, most of us have some kind of agenda or workplan. And with so many people opening a home and a cyber-office, with mounting levels of technology-related stress (which Bruria Ginton, owner turned content-provider, calls fruSTRESSion), many of us end up involved in more than one job, which we feel compelled to get done, spending the greatest portion of our lives in what we consider our workplace. So Quality of Work Life (QWL) is not some notion of frivolous luxury. QWL is just as real and useful as virtual reality itself.

The brainchild of Quality of Work Life Services, Manhattan-based, woman-created enterprise, QWL SPACE has been occupied by equally experienced, open-minded, goal-oriented professionals--men and women--with a sense of proportion, future, humanity and humor. QWL Services invites you to hang out at our expanding venues toward the overall enrichment of your worklife and toward access to healthier lifestyles!

Before you go on with your cyberwork adventure here and elsewhere, pull down your bookmark menu and add QWL SPACE to it. We've just undergone our first site renovation. Many of the pages are coded by volunteers and interns. We apologize in advance for all the dead-end links, typos, and other PITAs. Please, tell us about such horrible things directly from the page where you can see and describe 'em via an E-Mail message to our staff. Likewise, we invite questions, suggestions, or even--why not?--a good word or two. Enjoy this visit and come back soon!

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